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Under Armour…we’re not there yet

Under Armour

This week was a big down week for Under Armour (UAA) dropping $8.43 (29%) to close at $20.70.  On January 31st, UAA reported disappointing earnings and forward guidance did not help.

By the way UAA is the ticker symbol for the Class A stock and replaced the original common ticker. UA is for the Class C stock.

Back on June 1, 2016 I posted a video in which I analyzed UAA’s stock.  In this video I talked about how I believed that UAA had undergone an extended wave 5 in its push to the top in September 2015, and would now have a significant correction.  Here is the weekly chart from that video. Continue reading

Setting New Highs and the Clock is Ticking

setting new highs

Yes the market is setting new highs again on Friday and for the week. But be very careful. This market is pushing the envelope.  

In today’s video I look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) daily and weekly charts. The DJIA has pushed to the top of its current pattern.  What’s next? At what point does the picture change?  Continue reading

Gotcha | Stock Market Analysis 05/17/14

GotchaLast Tuesday evening I commented that I thought the Monday-Tuesday move might be nothing more than a “throw-over’ of the upper trendline of an ending diagonal triangle on the Dow.  You could almost hear the bears screaming “gotcha”.  So far that assessment has been validated by a reversal back down. So where do we go from here? Continue reading

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