This website is all about the markets.  Stocks, ETFs, options, commodities and global indexes.  

When is comes to the market, people have many struggles.  The markets are a very unforgiving environment.  

Through the posts, membership and course, I help you learn to read the message the chart is telling you...BUT then I take you Beyond the Chart to help you be successful.

Who is Joe Hentges?

And How Does He Know About This Stuff?

I first got interested in the markets in graduate school.  I was getting my MBA with a concentration in finance when one of my professors handed me a book on options.  The book was Buying Options, Wall Street on a Shoestring by Rodolakis and Tetrick... I was hooked. It was 1979.

Now in the book​ the authors said that if you are going to trade options you need to chart the underlying stock.  And one of the books they mentioned was Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, by Edwards and McGee. I devoured that book. And I started charting stocks...by hand.

Around 1984, I was exposed to the Elliott Wave Principle.  I was intrigued. The whole concept made sense to me.  The stock market is a reflection of mass human activity, psychology and emotions playing themselves out in a progression of waves.  And the waves ripple up and down over time.  I began learning how to apply this principle.​

Over the years I've learned a ton about technical analysis and the Elliott Wave Principle. But more importantly I've learned...

You Better Have a Process...Keep it Simple...Use Good Money Management

So What Do You Do?

Hint: It's all about the markets

I use the Elliott Wave Principle as a framework for the stage of a stock or market. I combine that with traditional technical analysis to help finalize timing, support and resistance, etc.

I trade, analyze the markets, work daily with my Insider Membership and create educational courses.  I create videos and blog about what I see in the markets and look for trading opportunities.

I trade stocks but use options as the vehicle to execute the trade. I believe that options give the biggest bang for the buck. My focus in trading is purely technical. 

I've made a lot of money trading and like all traders, I've lost money trading.   There are many "lessons learned" to share.

So Why Do I Do What I Do?

Markets are both Fascinating and Challenging

I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA both from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.  So analyzing the markets appeals to my analytical side.  I find the markets fascinating as the pulse of the world flows through them.

I enjoy playing backgammon and chess and found myself drawn to the challenge of trading.  I'm not a regular gambler, but I enjoy playing craps from time to time so I'm not afraid to take a risk.  

And I love history.  Everything moves in cycles, they just don't repeat exactly the same way.  There is always something we can learn.  

So What Do You Do Now?

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