Remember Always



Arlington National Cemetery

This following is a post I wrote last year on Memorial Day weekend. I see no reason to change it as I am proud to remember and honor those who have gone before us.  I am living free in this beautiful country because of their sacrifice.

Here in the United States it is officially Memorial Day on Monday. Cookouts, camping, boating, the Indianapolis 500 all part of the official start of the summer season. But on this Memorial Day weekend my thoughts turn to remembering my Uncle Bob.

World War II

Uncle Bob served in the Army in World War II and the Korean War and then at the Pentagon for many years. He was a great guy and my favorite uncle. I was fortunate to have been able to spend some time with him in the late ’80s when we lived in Northern Virginia.

He would come visit the family and many times he and I would go play golf at Andrews Air Force Base and other courses around Washington D.C. I remember asking him about the war but he never wanted to talk about it. That was Uncle Bob.

Twice Honored

He didn’t want to talk about how he was in North Africa in 1943 and won the Silver Star for bravery. He didn’t talk about the Bronze Star that he received either. He didn’t talk about the fact that he was with the Army fighting their way up Italy to Monte Casino. I have a newspaper article about Uncle Bob from April 1944, with the title… “Says War Beyond Description”.

Uncle Bob died in 1990 of cancer at the age of 69. He, like my Dad, just liked those cigarettes a little too much.  Uncle Bob was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. I was there when they buried him. I have his flag and his medals.

Remembering Uncle Bob and many others on this Memorial Day weekend. Remember always…

Today’s Video

In today’s video I review this week’s market action by reviewing the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) and the Russell 2000 (RUT). I also review several ETFs including SMH, XHB and XLF. Stocks in focus today are Costco (COST), HP (HPQ) and Valeant Pharmaceutical (VRX).

Does China’s Slowdown Matter?

We are about to find out. China just released several disappointing economic reports today. Read “China’s Economy Grinds Down a Gear as Heavy Industry Drags” on Bloomberg.

In today’s video I look at the collapsing Shanghai Composite Index but first I check in on our markets and several key ETFs including IBB and XLF. This is a very brief view of what my Insider Members get.

3 Tips to Help Your Trading

3 tips to help your tradingA book in my library jumped off the shelf and into my lap. It said “remember me?” So I thought well, I haven’t looked at this in a while, let’s take a peek.

3 Tips

Inside there were some pearls of wisdom…3 tips to help you trade well. So I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. It’s not about who’s right.
  2. Forget the past.
  3. Avoid the future tense.

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