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Are you frustrated with your trading?

Do you keep trying a variety of indicators but get the same poor results?

Tired of listening to analysts and brokers who tell you after the fact?

Are you worried about a repeat of the last financial crisis...or worse?

I produce videos daily to help members clearly understand what is happening and what the charts are telling us.  Every night we review key indices, indicators and markets.  We also review all open trade ideas and discuss any new ones for the next day.

On Saturday all members receive an in-depth market update video.  And on Sunday I produce a trade ideas video that reviews current and new trade ideas.

Insider Members

In addition to free blog posts and videos, Insider Members get the following:

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    Weekday Market Wrap Videos Nightly
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    Full Length Weekend Market Analysis Video
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    Weekly Trade Ideas Video /Updates Nightly
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    Access to Detailed Trade Ideas Page
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    AskJoe Videos  and Video Vault
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    Library of Educational Courses (in-process)

What Members Say...


I have found great value in Beyond the Chart and Joe’s insights and perspective. Especially valuable have been his in-depth analysis of stocks and certain markets in his video segments and Ask Joe.

 Jean - Portland, Oregon 


Once I gain a level of confidence, I may actually dip my toe in the real water of options. In the mean time, your daily deconstruction of the markets, and stocks, helps directionally as well. Thanks a million again for you input. Love the site.

 Randy - Atlanta, Georgia


Thanks Joe. I find your tech analysis very helpful, especially in this turbid market. My wife, who is much better that me at technical, also watches your videos every time.

 Larry - Bridgewater, New Jersey


Q.  Do you focus on day trading or swing trading with your trade ideas?

A.  The primary focus is swing trading. This means positions that last anywhere from 1 day to several days and weeks. But I also have many members who don't focus on the swing trading ideas but are managing longer term positions in stocks and ETFs. 

Q.  What markets do you cover?

A.  Every night I look at the 5 major U.S. indexes and related indicators. I review interest rate related ETFs, the dollar, oil and gold. On the weekend I look at these same items in more detail and check in on several global indexes and review my ETF Dashboard along with key movers in that dashboard.

Q.  What types of trade ideas do you discuss?

A.  I focus on swing trade ideas on stocks and ETFs. The trade ideas are specifically for trading options on stocks or ETFs. I use the trade ideas to lead by example in terms of setting up a trade plan to manage the trade.  I review all open trade ideas and discuss any new ones every evening in the Weekday Market Wrap video.

Q.  What types of option trades do you discuss?

A.  I focus on equity options on stocks or ETFs that are very liquid. The type of trade is directional, which means I am either buying calls when I think something is going up and buying puts when I think something is going down. I am interested in growth not income.

Q.  I don't trade options, is your service for me?

A. Many members don't trade options, at least when they start out. They have found that my videos help them understand what is happening in the markets and the videos are also very educational.

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