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U.S. Dollar Index…Dive, Dive, Dive

The U.S. Dollar Index is in a strong downtrend although I wouldn’t be surprised to see support come in soon. Read this morning that more funds are short the dollar than at any time since 2013.

In today’s brief market update I look at the SPX, McClellan Oscillator, SMH, XHB, XLF and the U.S. Dollar Index.  To get the complete market picture and daily updates become an Insider.



Irrational Exuberance…2017 Style

irrational exuberance

So Snapchat, now known as Snap, Inc. (SNAP) went public last week and it was a feeding frenzy.  Shares priced at $17 started trading at $24 and closed that first day at $24.48 with 217 million shares traded.  Friday they piled on an additional $2.61 closing at $27.09.  

I believe at one point the total estimated value of Snap was well over $40 billion.  Incredible for a company that lost $500 million last year.  And they don’t have any competition…right? We’ll see.

But their timing is perfect. Coming public at a time when bullish readings on the stock market are at 30 year highs…at least the Investor’s Intelligence Advisors Survey last week was.  With the stock market at all-time highs and consumer confidence at the highest since 2000 it’s “party on Wayne”! Continue reading

If You Think You’re Beat…Get Out

casino stocks

Poker or gambling in general has very interesting correlations to trading. In both you are dealing with uncertainty, the ability to handle your emotions and how well you manage your money.  

And doing all of those things gets back to discipline and your ego. Let’s start off with knowing when to fold ’em as they say in poker or as they say in trading…cutting your losses.  Some good basic rules of poker apply to trading.

Know When to Fold ’em

Continue reading

Under Armour…we’re not there yet

Under Armour

This week was a big down week for Under Armour (UAA) dropping $8.43 (29%) to close at $20.70.  On January 31st, UAA reported disappointing earnings and forward guidance did not help.

By the way UAA is the ticker symbol for the Class A stock and replaced the original common ticker. UA is for the Class C stock.

Back on June 1, 2016 I posted a video in which I analyzed UAA’s stock.  In this video I talked about how I believed that UAA had undergone an extended wave 5 in its push to the top in September 2015, and would now have a significant correction.  Here is the weekly chart from that video. Continue reading

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