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Image for Putin WarningA Russian Warning

The Ukraine situation is holding the market hostage.  Ukraine stepped up its anti-separatist offensive and five rebels were killed in the process.  Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Ukraine a warning against continuing this action.

A United States Warning

So now U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave Russia a warning that it was running out of time to comply with an agreement that was reached just a few days ago.  So Russia now has its forces conducting exercises on Ukraine’s border.

When I look at the Russian stock market, via the MICEX index, the picture it paints is one of more nastiness to come. So warning…this could start to crack other markets including our own.

And on a day when Apple exploded to the upside and Caterpillar beat estimates and revised it’s outlook to the upside,  the Dow closed +.05 pts.  The Nasdaq was up 21.37pts but the Nasdaq and the RUT still have a lower high on this seven-day rally. The down trend is still in place and the market is still held hostage.

In Focus

In tonight’s video we look at U.S. market indices, some key ETFs and then review five technology stocks.  The tech stocks are : CREE, CTXS, FFIV, RAX and STX.  I have a new trade idea on STX. The details are on the trade ideas webpage.  I also review another tech stock, XLNX that we have had Puts on for several days now.


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